Why Activate DHM?

Why is Activate DHM different from the rest?

DHM or Dihydromyricetin is still new to Canada. Activate DHM is a Health Canada approved liver protection supplement formulated with pure DHM (98%). 

Our product is made in Canada. It’s only sold in Canada, and ships from Winnipeg, right in the middle of Canada.

From the Japanese Raisin Tree, DHM goes back centuries in Eastern medicine. In South Korea, after a few drinks with co-workers, it’s common to stop in at a convenience store and buy a DHM product off the shelf to de-toxify and get ready for the following workday.

DHM rapidly scrubs toxins from your liver. No matter how little or how much alcohol you consume, DHM has a benefit and is why we are licensed as a liver protectant. It turns out that by removing toxins from your body, DHM reduces and prevents hangover symptoms. DHM also reduces anxiety caused by alcohol.

It feels like magic, but it’s science.
Here are few articles detailing the science behind DHM.
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